The Department of Agribusiness is formed of professionals with a wide experience in all matters involved in thestructuring of agricultural businesses.

This includes:

  • Capital paying-up processes
  • Agricultural trusts
  • Public or private issuance of capital stock
  • Agricultural Real Estate. Structuring of the purchase and sale of agricultural farms
  • Family-run companies
  • Structuring of strategic alliances among the different market agents
  • Value chains
  • Environmental matters. Regulations on the use of water, soils and the air. Green bonds. Biofuel
  • Intellectual property matters. Biotechnology
  • Non-traditional agricultural projects
  • Tax matters. Reimbursements. Registry of grain traders
  • National scheme for rural workers
  • Agricultural agreements

The comprehensive approach of agribusiness projects, together with the joint collaboration of the Real Estate, Banking, Tax, Environmental and Intellectual Property Departments, makes it possible for the Department of Agribusiness to provide a service with truly added value to its clients.