Energy and environmental law


Energy and environmental law

Every economic development requires a proper structure to ensure the protection of the environment, the efficiency of the resources (especially energy resources) and the facing of future liabilities.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Law is formed of lawyers and professionals who are qualified to advise our clients on how to conduct all kinds of projects and face the multiple everyday contingencies, providing information and comprehensive legal protection connected to environmental, energy and safety and hygiene legislation, whether international, national, local or administrative.

Specially, we offer the following services:

  • Legal advise on environmental and work safety and hygiene matters
  • Advice on non-renewable energy projects, sustainable development and carbon credits (Kyoto)
  • Urban and rural planning
  • Compliance of environmental and sector-related rules
  • Obtaining of authorizations, permits and certificates
  • Implementation of management systems and international certifications
  • Comprehensive assistance related to legal and administrative actions, civil actions, injunction proceedings and preventive measures
  • Attention to inspections and experts´ opinions
  • Contracts and biddings
  • Evaluation of environmental impact, public hearings
  • Environmental audits (due diligence)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Communication and crisis management
  • Environmental insurance

The aim of our Department of Environmental Law, together with the other areas of the Firm, is to allow our clients´ activities to be in line with the concept of sustainable development, that is to say, extended in time in such a way that the adequate environmental management ensures not only the continuance of the activity but also the least possible alteration of the natural or urban environment and the rational use of natural resources.