Intellectual property


Intellectual property

The protection of assets from the point of view of intellectual property is nowadays one of the main pillars for the optimum development of projects and businesses throughout the world.

To this purpose, the Department of Intellectual Property, together with the other areas of our Law Firm, offers comprehensive protection and advising services and provides support to our clients in each one of their needs, both in Argentina as well as anywhere in the world.

In order to render efficient services, the Department of Intellectual Property has a large structure which includes distinguished professionals having in-depth knowledge of the new technologies and businesses and proved academic experience, who have the mission of advising our clients throughout every single stage of their commercial activity.

The most relevant services offered by our team are:

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Utility models
  • Industrial models and designs
  • License agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Anti-piracy legal actions
  • Advice on technology transfer
  • Copyright
  • Related rights
  • Contracts in general
  • Advising connected to the protection of new formats
  • Legal protection of commercial projects in the Internet
  • Legal protection of the new technologies
  • Legal protection of rights connected to the image and personal name
  • Comprehensive attention in legal actions before the federal and ordinary courts of the Argentine Republic

The professionals of the Intellectual Property Department have participated in matters related to the following industries: pharmaceutical, agricultural, new technologies and the Internet, IT security, biotechnology, software, banking and finance, media and entertainment, videogames, advertising, textile, design, wine-growing, real estate, tourism, publishing, bookshop and stationery.