Labor and social security law


Labor and social security law

Labor law,individual and collective, constitutes a key area of practice both in already established companies as well as in those companies undergoing a start-up process. The proper structuring and management of the human resources can make all the difference between business success and failure.

The lawyers of the Department of Labor and Social Security Law are widely experienced in this law area since they have participated in a variety of matters of different complexity to help our clients establish human resources and work safety and hygiene policies, design compensation plans for employees, solve individual and collective conflicts, conduct negotiations with trade unions, make filings before administrative authorities and face claims.

We offer our expertise in the following fields:

  • Negotiation and drafting of individual employment contracts
  • Collective bargaining agreements and structuring of labor relationships
  • Attention to trade union conflicts
  • Design and drafting of compensation, motivation and employee retention plans
  • International hiring and expatriates
  • Adaptation of the policies of multinationals to the Argentine legislation
  • Design, wording and implementation of codes of conduct and compliance rules
  • Proceedings before the different labor authorities, both national as well as provincial
  • Company reorganization and restructuring whether in case of crisis or due to modifications, massive layoffs, voluntary retirement plans, crisis preventive plans and negotiations in all spheres in order to implement the reorganization
  • Contentious labor matters and resolution of conflicts
  • Advice related to social security contributions.

The challenge that the Department of Labor and Social Security Law is faced with is to generate value by improving the quality of the human and labor relationships of the companies and maximize, at the same time, satisfaction and performance levels. To this end, we have distinctive strengths as regards human resources in order to understand and deal with the problems of labor law within a context that favors the understanding of all the parties involved.