In the dynamics of all human relations, conflict is inevitable. Therefore, even when we consider that preventive advice and action are of fundamental importance, our Litigation Department has professionals who are ready to provide answers in these conflict situations.

We litigate in the different fields of the practice of law, including, among others:

  • Commercial
  • Labor
  • Civil
  • Administrative antitrust and consumer´s rights
  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • Transport of goods – in different forms
  • Bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings

The Litigation Department provides a wide legal management service, from simple foreclosures to litigation over complex matters. We represent our clients before judicial or administrative courts anywhere in the country, as plaintiff or defendant, in all jurisdictions and instances, whether directly or by means of correspondent law firms. Furthermore, through the international alliances, we are ready to deal with conflicts which consequences go beyond the borders of our country.

Our work team has a wide experience, which enables us to have a complete and comprehensive view of the conflicts and their possible risks. Some of our professionals have participated in relevant cases and others have held offices both in the Judicial and Executive Powers.