Media and entertainment


Media and entertainment

As the impact of the media in a globalized world is gaining prominence and is generating greater interest among those who offer and consume products and services, as well as between those who offer and consume music, cinema, theater, etc., the involvement of the attorneys in the entertainment business has become comparable to that of a manager or publicist for their necessary interaction in business knowledge itself.

The Media & Entertainment Law has become an specialized area that involves media in all kinds (music, publishing, advertising, internet, radio, cinema, TV and news media, etc.) and it covers multiple legal fields including, but not limiting to, corporate, finance, intellectual property, advertising, marketing and privacy.

The Media & Entertainment Law is generally divided into the following areas, depending on the type of activities that have their own specific unions, law and negotiation strategies:

· Cinema
· Multimedia
· Music
· Editorial
· Radio & Television
· Theatre
· Design and Visual Arts