Norberto Ignacio Regueira


Norberto Ignacio Regueira

Norberto Regueira


Lawyer. He obtained his degree from the School of Law of the Buenos Aires University in 1974. Founding member of the NGO Fundación Libra.

Completed graduate studies in Legal Practice, Negotiation and Strategy. Advises companies in the catering sector and the union that represents them. He is responsible for negotiating collective agreements with unions activity and drafting agreements. Advises companies in the gaming industry in the areas of casinos, bingo halls, racetracks, lotteries.
He works as a lawyer in the area of bankruptcy before the Commercial National Justice. Serves companies in crisis.
Is responsible of Cultural Industry programs, receiving inquiries from civil associations (Argentina Society of Writers, Gardelianos Studies Center) and museums. In direct link with these issues provides support to companies on the implementation of the Law of Patronage in the area of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.