Competition Antitrust Law

Competition Antitrust Law

In a national and international context where the demand for legal services in this area has grown steadily, the Department of Competition/Antitrust Law and Domestic Trade Regulation is formed by specialists whose vast experience enable them to provide comprehensive advise to its clients.

As regards competition/antitrust law, we conduct the following activities:

  • General and preventive advice on anti-trust practices or conducts forbidden by Act 25,156 (unilateral practices or exclusive group of markets and/or groups for impeding entry of third party competitors, agreements with binding features, fixing of predatory prices, price discrimination, abuse of dominant position, exclusionary or exploitary practices).
  • Advice and representation on pre-merger control procedures before the regulatory authorities of Act 25,156.
  • Company advice and representation in administrative or judicial processes due to the investigation of cartels and anti-trust practices.

Furthermore, we are specialists in domestic trade regulations such as:

  • Consumer defense
  • Antitrust and unfair competition
  • Law of supply
  • Specific regulations applicable to economy sectors

The challenge that the Department of Competition/Antitrust Law and Domestic Trade Regulation is faced with is to accompany our clients in the implementation of their trade policies or plans ensuring that the same are applied in full compliance with the regulations currently in force.


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