Compliance & Anticorruption

Compliance & Anticorruption

Attending the constant increase of local and international regulatory requirements, the Compliance department, together with the intervention of our expert partners in the different areas of practices, provides a comprehensive and specialized service, aimed at offering integrity solutions, designing, implementing and strengthening Compliance programs and developing efficient strategies to reduce and manage the risks to which our clients are exposed.

Thus, considering the particular characteristics of our clients and their operational needs, our services include:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis to determine the current situation of the Company.
  • Identification, analysis and assessment of the main threats for both, the company and board members and managers.
  • Design, development and implementation of Integrity / Compliance Programs (PDI) according to the specific needsof each organization.
  • Design, development and implementation of policies to prevent internal fraud and other illicit actions that may affect the company.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and redesign of PDI.
  • Preparation and / or updating of internal policies and procedures (codes of conduct, policy of interaction with officials, conflict of interest, reporting and internal investigation systems, etc.).
  • Start-up of an internal compliance department.
  • Due diligence of related parties.
  • Due diligence during a transformation, merger, absorption, spin-off or any other corporate restructuring process.
  • Counseling and management of complaints and conflicting situations.
  • Advice and development of internal investigations in cases of fraud, bribery and possible violations of Corporate Criminal Liability Law (27.401), the FCPA or the UK bribery act.
  • Design of gender policies and workplace violence reduction policies.
  • Advice and development of internal investigations in cases of harassment and / or workplace violence.
  • Defense of the company or its directors against judicial investigations or administrative authorities.

Our objective is to protect the organization and its management, reducing their exposure to legal or reputational damages, helping to carry out their business transparently, efficiently and sustainably.

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