Rafael José Algorta


Rafael José Algorta


Place of birth Buenos Aires, Argentina

Languages: English, Spanish

Practice Areas: Agribusiness, Corporate Law and M&A, Energy and environmental law, Litigation, Real estate

Experience & Achievements

Lawyer. He obtained his degree from the School of Law of “El Salvador University” in 1995.

He attended several post-graduate courses both in the country and abroad (USA-Italy) on Business Administration and Legal Aspects of Management.

His practice is focused on providing advice to companies, especially in corporate and labor matters and litigation.

During his experience as a public officer, he was National Director of Trade Union Associations and Assistant Secretary of Labor Relations in the Ministry of Labor of the Argentine Republic.

He gave courses and conferences throughout the entire country.

He participated in the start-up of companies and venture capital funds, as well as in several M&A operations.

He teaches entrepreneurs about the legal aspects of their projects and in prestigious institutions including the Entrepreneurship Center of ITBA, of which he is co-founder, Endeavor Foundation and the Entrepreneurship Center of IAE, among others.

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