Regulatory Update: Suspension of public attention on the IGJ


Regulatory Update: Suspension of public attention on the IGJ


The General Resolution No. 10/2020 of the Public Registry of Commerce (Known as “IGJ”) was published on March 18th 2020, at the Official Gazette, introducing significant amendments to the public attention of that organism. The resolution took effect the same day it was published.

General Resolution N°10/2020 –See More

This resolution provided that:

  • From March,16th to March, 30th the suspension of:
  • The deadline for replying to all notifications provided for the article 24 of General Resolution IGJ 7/2015.
  •   The deadline for compliance presentation of the information regime (RIAS), provided for in Decree No. 142.277/43 and the General Resolution IGJ No. 8/2015 for capitalization and saving companies.

In addition, on March 17th, IGJ reported, through its website, the suspension of public attention both at headquarters and at its units in the Professional Colleges.

Therefore, given these provisions aligned with the National Government´s actions, new filings or presentations are not permitted by the IGJ