SAESA acquires Thermo Electrical Power Plant at Uruguaiana from AES


SAESA acquires Thermo Electrical Power Plant at Uruguaiana from AES


SAESA the Argentinean trading company of gas and energy (traditional and renewable) bought the Uruguaiana thermal power plant, located at Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, which was owned by AES

Tanoira Cassagne Abogados and Vieira Rezende legally advised SAESA on the process of purchasing the Uruguaiana Thermal Power Plant from AES, who was advised by Veirano Advogados. 

This acquisition will allow SAESA to export surplus gas from local demand from Argentina, enter currencies to the country as well as add value and greater competitiveness. This is a consequence of flattening the gas demand curve and adding electricity supply to Brazil’s electric system during the summer, a period in which water source electricity decreases considerably as a result of low rainfall.

SAESA is a company dedicated to the commercialization of energy. 

AES is a company dedicated to the construction and operation of energy projects around the world. 

Legal Advisors: 

In Argentina

Tanoira Cassagne Abogados advised SAESA led by its partner Rafael Algorta assisted by the associates, Humberto Linares, Leopoldo García-Mansilla and Clara Arias.

In Brazil 

Vieira Rezende Advogados advised SAESA through its partner Felipe Hanszmann and its associate María Ramos Dias.

VEIRANO Advogados advised AES through its partner Sergio Bronstein and its associate Fernao Henrique Pio Rocha Moura de Castro.