Tanoira Cassagne Abogados advises on the issuance Tranche II of the Financial Trust “INVERNEA GANADERO”


Tanoira Cassagne Abogados advises on the issuance Tranche II of the Financial Trust “INVERNEA GANADERO”

PR FF Invernea Ganadero

Tanoira Cassagne Abogados acted as legal advisor to the transaction in the issuance of the Certificates of Participation Tranche II under the Individual Financial Trust “INVERNEA GANADERO” (the “Trust“) for a nominal value of Ps. 185,933,601 (one hundred eighty five million nine hundred thirty three thousand six hundred one) (the “Certificates of Participation Tranche II”), due on December 23, 2032.

CFA Compañía Fiduciaria Americana S.A. participated in the transaction as trustee and issuer, Invernea S.R.L. in its capacity as technical operator, ARG Capital S.A. as arrangement and PP Inversiones S.A. as the main placement agent.

The Trust set up within the framework of General Resolution No. 870 of the National Securities Commission (“CNV“) is oriented towards productive development, regional economies and value chains, having been the first livestock investment fund to form part of the novel investment regime aimed at reactivating the real economy and is directly aimed at productive investment, enabling investment in the livestock sector by non-specialized investors and contributing to the federalization of the capital market

The issuance of a new tranche under the Trust has been authorized by the Board of Directors of the CNV on June 3, 2021, and is aimed at injecting additional funds to the Trust in order to continue beef production including the stages from breeding and rearing to subsequent commercialization. Activities are concentrated in large farms in the provinces of Corrientes and Buenos Aires.

The Certificates of Participation Tranche II may be listed on Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (“BYMA”), traded on the Mercado Argentino Electrónico (“MAE”) and on any other market regulated by CNV.

Tanoira Cassagne Abogados participated in the transaction through the team led by partners Alexia Rosenthal and Jaime Uranga and associates Juan Sanguinetti, Mariana Troncoso and Pilar Dominguez Pose.