Tanoira Cassagne (TCA) advises Meranol in the issuance of Notes


Tanoira Cassagne (TCA) advises Meranol in the issuance of Notes

PR MEranol ONs 15 y 16

Meranol S.A.C.I. is a chemical company of German origin based in Argentina, dedicated to the production and commercialization of industrial chemical products, successfully completed the placement and issuance in the local market of Notes Class 15 and Notes Class 16.

Tanoira Cassagne Abogados (TCA) has assisted Meranol S.A.C.I., as issuer, in the issuance of Notes issued in two classes: (i) Notes Class 15 due on December 10th, 2022, for an aggregate amount of AR$ 128,600,000.00 and accruing a floating interest rate equal to the Badlar rate plus a 9.0% margin December 10th, 2022; and (ii) Notes Class 16 due on June 10th, 2023, with a nominal value of US$ 3,666,699.00, integrated and payable in Pesos and were tendered at 6% rate, with interests payable half yearly.

The issuance date of the Notes was on Decembre 10, 2021.

The Notes are listed in Mercado Abierto Electrónico S.A.

Coordinator to the issuance: StoneX Securities S.A.

Placement Agents: StoneX Securities S.A. and Allaria Ledesma & Cía. S.A.

Deal Counsel of the Transaction: Tanoira Cassagne Abogados (TCA): Partners Alexia Rosenthal and Jaime Uranga and Associates Ignacio Nantes, Mariana Troncoso and Sofía Reymundo.