Venture capital


Venture capital

The Department of New Ventures continues with the tradition introduced in 1999 by Uriburu-Bosch & Asociados Law Firm, which has been a leader and pioneer in promoting and advising the entrepreneur activity in Argentina.

Since 1999, the members of the Department of New Ventures have dedicated to accompany entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capital funds –of our country and abroad- in the creation, organization and expansion of new companies. As advisors to these new ventures, we have developed a practice specially focused on the needs of young and fast-growing companies.

Our lawyers have the necessary training and experience to satisfactorily cope with the needs and conflicts that entrepreneurs, emerging companies, investors and funds are faced with on a daily basis. These features include the specialization in the following areas:

  • Organization of start-ups and equity structures among founders, employees and investors
  • Dissociation of founders and “key” employees from their previous jobs
  • Protection of company’s secrets and other intellectual property rights and technology licenses
  • Collaboration and support in the fundraising of venture capital and structuring of financial transactions from the start-up to the mezzanine stage
  • Organization of efficient strategic alliances and successful joint ventures
  • Comprehensive advising for the company connected to business law
  • Negotiation and structuring of mergers and acquisitions
  • Preparation of shares incentive plans for employees of all levels of the new projects
  • Local and international structuring of angel funds and venture capitals to be invested in Argentina and other countries of the region

Due to the years of experience of each and every member of the Department of New Ventures, today we are a team with the ability to efficiently manage our clients´ problems, but most importantly, to anticipate those problems and apply preventive actions successfully. We work as a team –quickly and effectively- to develop our clients´ transactions so that they can exclusively focus on the progress of their new business.